A natural gas-fired power plant buildout is in progress in the Midwest, Great Lakes and Southeast regions of the U.S due to retirements of coal-fired power plants and low natural gas prices.

The power generation projects are being constructed between 2016 and 2019 and are meant to replace the power from the coal-fired power plants announced to retire during that time frame. Driven by the switch, these regions are developing power generation and pipeline projects near natural gas shale plays such as the Excello/Mulky, Bakken and New Albany shale regions.

Industrial Info is tracking 14 natural gas-fired power projects in the Midwest region valued at over $2.5 billion, 20 projects in the Great Lakes region valued at over $14.6 billion and 26 projects in the Southeast valued at over $9 billion. Top states include Florida, with 22 projects valued at $7.4 billion; Ohio, with 14 projects valued at $8.09 billion; and Indiana, with four projects valued at $2.45 billion.

For more information, including how weather-related factors and spot prices affect prices, click here to see Industrial Info’s full article.

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