Watts Bar Nuclear Power Station, located in Spring City, Tennessee (SERC), had an unplanned outage on the Unit 02 reactor due to a transformer fire late Monday night. The power station is owned by Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) (Knoxville, Tennessee).

The new Unit 02 was in the process of power ascensions testing when the fire occurred and triggered TVA officials to quickly shut down the Unit 02 reactor. It took about an hour for TVA officials to extinguish the fire and ensure the public of no further safety risks. The fire damaged a transformer, and TVA officials have already begun recovery efforts to assess the extent of all the equipment that has been damaged and what needs to be replaced.

TVA currently operates one unit at the Watts Bar Nuclear Power Station. The Unit 02 reactor at Watts Bar will be the first new nuclear unit to be added to America's electric grid in over 20 years. The unit has total capacity of 1,220 megawatts. The new Unit 02 will remain idle until after the damaged transformer is replaced. IIR has confirmed that TVA expects to have the maintenance issue resolved by early next week.

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