In its annual 15-year integrated resource plan for the Carolinas, Duke Energy said it foresees slow electric load growth, a near-tripling of solar generation (to about 2,100 MW), and increased hydroelectric generation through a $200 million upgrade at its Bad Creek pumped storage hydro station. The utility predicted a 33% increase in nuclear energy by 2031, suggesting it is counting on building the planned William S. Lee nuclear power project in Cherokee County, South Carolina. The utility has not said it definitely will construct the new nuclear power plant, but has hinted that new nuclear generation might be needed as early as the mid-2020s.

Industrial Info has been tracking the William States Lee III Nuclear Power Station project since 2006. It is currently classified as being on hold due to market conditions and permitting delays. In all, Industrial Info’s Power Industry project database includes information on more than $6 billion in active Duke Energy projects.

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