Canada's federal government has approved the Pacific NorthWest LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) project in British Columbia, with 190 legally binding conditions, according to CBC News. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said the project is worth an estimated $11 billion and would be one of Canada's largest resource development projects.

McKenna said the approval decision was taken following "extensive studies" on the project's environmental impact, including consultations with First Nations.

In a press release, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency said that indigenous peoples were "meaningfully consulted" and that the project will be subject to a "rigorous compliance and enforcement regime."

Industrial Info is tracking the progress on the Pacific Northwest LNG project. For more information, see Industrial Info's project report and May 13, 2016, article - Outside Alberta, Canada's Oil & Gas Industry Still Faces Numerous Challenges.

"The Pacific NorthWest LNG Project is a major opportunity to grow the economy," the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency said. "The project represents one of Canada's largest resource development projects with a total capital investment of up to $36 billion when accounting for upstream natural gas development. During construction, the project will create an estimated 4,500 jobs and an additional 630 direct and indirect jobs during the operation of the facility. As well as benefiting from job creation throughout the region, local First Nations communities will also benefit significantly through agreements reached with the proponent."

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