Customers following the refining markets can make great use of IIR Energy’s PetroCast Live, which provides capacity and turnaround details for 80% of the world’s refineries.

PetroCast Live provides the full supply picture with the most accurate detail, in an easy-to-use environment. All major global downstream refinery units are tracked, employing the latest information on turnarounds with that for all new capacity, de-rates, capital projects, crude slates, capacity reductions and product yields in multiple views.

Major components of PetroCast Live include:

  • Global Refining Installed Base coverage, which provides complete plant and unit profile details, such as plant and unit configurations, input and output capacities, product mix and other key data attributes that lay the foundation for accurate downstream modeling.
  • Turnaround coverage that is accurate, current and timely for both planned and unplanned events.
  • Outlooks for capacity increases and unit additions, including future construction and unit startup dates; additions and expansions to plants and units; environmental spending plans; and events such as debottlenecking.
  • The IIR Energy hotline, which provides users with accurate, fast, live interactions with our frontline research staff to uncover the breaking news and current details on supply disruption events, weather events, mechanical failures and other unpredictable factors.
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