A 5.0-magnititude earthquake that stuck Cushing, Oklahoma, on Sunday night has sparked no immediate reports of pipeline problems at the massive U.S. oil storage hub. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission and Oklahoma Geological Survey were evaluating the effect of the earthquake, which damaged several buildings in Cushing. Central Oklahoma has been subject to thousands of earthquakes in recent years. Studies have traced them to the underground injection of oil and gas production wastewater. Public schools in Cushing were closed Monday as a result of the earthquake, which was centered one mile west of the community. The latest earthquake has sparked some concerns over the possibility of greater regulatory scrutiny of pipeline safety.

Pemex expects to process 160,000 barrels per day (BBL/d) throughout November at its 243,000-BBL/d refinery in Salamanca, Mexico, due to company financial constraints. Separately, the following units are currently operational after being shut down for about seven days in mid-October, due to a lack of feedstock: the 95,000-BBL/d Crude Primaria 3 (AS); 60,000-BBL/d Crude Primaria 5 (AA); 14,000-BBL/d HDS U-7 (Diesel); 14,000-BBL/d HDS U-8 (Diesel); 16,800-BBL/d Reformer 2; 22,500-BBL/d Reformer 3; 40,000-BBL/d FCC; 4,000-BBL/d Alkylation; and associated units. Pemex also suspended turnaround plans for 2016 due to budget issues.

Pemex TRI restarted, on Saturday, the 25,000-barrel-per-day (BBL/d) Distillate Hydrotreater U-800 at its 325,000-BBL/d refinery in Salina Cruz, Mexico, after it was forced offline on Monday, October 31, due to a minor explosion. The 30,000-BBL/d Reformer U-500, 25,000-BBL/d Naphtha HDS U-400 and associated units in the Hidro 2 area, which were kept running at minimum rates while the U-800 remained offline, are now processing at 85% capacity, as are all other processing units at the refinery.


Chevron Phillips continues restart activities at the 1.84 billion-pound-per-year 1592 Ethylene unit at its plant in Baytown (Cedar Bayou), Texas. The unit was brought offline on September 19 for planned maintenance. Expectations are to reintroduce feed into the unit over the next few days.


Detroit Edison Company took the 1,222-megawatt (MW) Unit 2 at its Fermi Nuclear Power Station in Michigan offline today for repairs and minor winter maintenance. The unit will remain offline until November 12.

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