Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) was forced to shut its 417,000-barrel-per-day (BBL/d) Ruwais 2 Refinery (Ruwais West) on Wednesday after a fire occurred in its 1,490-ton-per-day Ethylene Recovery Unit. The fire was contained and no casualties were reported, according to news accounts.

Major refinery units that were impacted include a 417,000-BBL/d crude oil distillation unit, a 127,200-BBL/d resid fluid catalytic cracking unit (RFCCU), a 26,000-BBL/d isomerization unit, a 107,800-BBL/d kerosene hydrotreater, a 74,800-BBL/d gas oil hydrotreater, a 68,900-BBL/d naphtha hydrotreater, an 85,060-BBL/d RFCC naphtha hydrotreater, a 37,200-BBL/d alkylation unit and a 57,400-BBL/d mild hydrocracker unit.

A damage assessment is ongoing and all the units are tentatively scheduled to restart this Saturday.

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