Industrial Info will offer its view of the global and U.S. footprint of current and future liquefied natural gas (LNG) assets and future assets during a panel discussion at the LNG U.S. Summit on February 24 in Houston, Texas.

Shane Mullins, Industrial Info's vice president of product development for energy markets, will participate in a panel discussion on global LNG market trends. Tony Salemme, Industrial Info's Vice President - Craft Labor Group, will serve as moderator.

At Industrial Info's recent 2017 Industrial Market Outlook in Houston, Mullins said that with its energy security, price transparency and infrastructure advantages, the U.S. is well poised to take advantage of the next phase of global demand for LNG. For more information, see January 30, 2017, article - Industrial Market Outlook: More LNG Project Spending On Horizon.

Industrial Info, which will have a booth at the LNG U.S. Summit, is tracking more than $919 billion in active LNG-related projects worldwide. These are typically mega-projects with tremendous man hours required and affect the ability of competing projects to access sufficient labor, thereby raising the risk for higher labor costs because of the need for greater travelers due to the stress on local labor populations. Industrial Info's Labor Forecast can help you assess your labor risks on these mega-projects and the others you might have that will compete against higher per diems, incentives and wages.

Hosted by Wisdom Events, the LNG U.S. Summit is billed as a high-standard business event for top LNG experts from across the world. Oliver Tuckerman, director, strategy & analysis for Cheniere Energy (NYSE:LNG) (Houston, Texas), will be one of the keynote speakers.

Other planned panel discussions during the two-day event include "Technology & Innovations in LNG Infrastructure," "LNG Practice in the Maritime Industry" and "Small & Mid-scale LNG Developments."

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