No less than $644.5 million in refinery maintenance projects will kick off this year in South America, ranging in value from $1 million to $10 million, according to IIR Energy's refinery turnaround platform.

Listed below are some of the refinery maintenance events in South America.

  • In Brazil, IIR Energy is tracking 60 maintenance kickoffs worth $187 million. In November, a 30-day plant-wide turnaround will start on the 14,000-barrel-per-day Refinaria de Petroleo Riograndense refinery.
  • Venezuela will see 71 refinery maintenance kickoffs valued at $215 million. Petroleos de Venezuela’s (PDVSA) recently performed unplanned repairs on the 42,000-barrel-per day delayed coker unit at its 625,000-barrel-per-day Amuay refinery, which was forced offline on January 30.
  • In Ecuador, 20 days of planned maintenance began February 1 on the 10,000-barrel-per-day Crude Topping 2 Unit at EP Petroecuador’s 45,400-barrel-per-day La Libertad refinery. Separately, the company is still working on the 26,000-barrel-per-day Crude Topping 1 (Parsons Plant), which went offline in May last year after a fire broke out. The restart is scheduled to occur by March.
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