Power Generation and Chemical Processing projects are among the most closely watched in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where Industrial Info is tracking 55 active power generation projects worth more than $44 billion, and 45 Chemical Processing projects worth nearly $8.2 billion.

Listed below are examples of the projects being tracked by Industrial Info.

Power Generation

Industrial Info is tracking $8.3 billion in natural gas-fired power projects in the UAE. At the head of the pack is the planned, $2.8 billion Ras Al Khaymah Thermal Power Station. Construction of Federal Electricity & Water Authority’s (FEWA) 2,200-megawatt (MW) facility is currently expected to start in August this year, with completion in third-quarter 2020. Siemens will be responsible for the project’s turnkey construction.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) is working with Electricite De France on plans for the $770 million natural gas-fired, simple-cycle power station Phase IV Expansion at the Aweer H Power Station. The 700-MW expansion will include two 350-MW combustion turbine generator sets to add base load power to the local grid. DEWA is expected to have financial approval for the project by third-quarter 2017, with construction to start in first-quarter 2018, and completion in fourth-quarter 2019.

The UAE also plans to invest $150 billion in renewable power by 2050, Minister of Energy Suhail Al-Mazrouei said at a recent conference in Berlin, according to Reuters. Industrial Info is tracking 21 renewable energy projects in the UAE.

Chemical Processing

Petrochemical projects account for $4.3 billion in potential investments in the UAE. Abu Dhabi National Chemicals Company (Chemaweyaat) plans to build a $500 million polypropylene unit addition at the Ruwais Al Gharbia (Al Taweelah) Chemical Complex. AMEC Foster Wheeler is working on the preliminary design for the 992 million-pound-per-year unit, which could receive capital approval by third-quarter 2017. Construction would kick off by the end of 2018, with completion expected in mid-2021. However, kick-off slippage so far has been 90 months beyond the date the project was originally planned to begin construction.

Also at Al Taweelah, plans are under way for a $400 million low-density polyethylene (LDPE) unit addition. But like the polypropylene unit addition, kick-off slippage so far has been 90 months beyond the date the project was originally planned to begin construction.

Agrochemical projects account for nearly $1.7 billion in potential investments in the UAE. Zuari Agro Chemicals is performing detailed design for a grassroot, $611 million phosphate fertilizer plant at the Ras Al-Khaymah Complex. The plant would produce about 1 million tons per year of diammonium phosphate. Construction kick-off is currently expected at the end of this year, with completion in the first quarter of 2020.

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