Natural Gas
Dominion Cove LNG Gets FERC Approval to Commission Power Block
Dominion Cove Point LNG LP has received authorization from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to introduce fuel gas into two auxiliary boilers and commission the 130-megawatt (MW) power block at the Maryland project. Construction of the single-train, 5.75 million-ton-per-year (1 billion-cubic-foot-per-day) plant is on schedule to be completed in late 2017. Dominion is planning $19.2 billion in capital expenditures through 2020, including the $4 billion grassroot Dominion Cove LNG project. (Plant: 3046418)

Flint Hills Cancels Planned Turnaround at Peru, Illinois, Polystyrene Plant
Flint Hills Resources has cancelled plans for turnaround maintenance that would have started this month at its 265 million-pound-per-year polystyrene plant located in Peru, Illinois. Instead, the plant will transition to a three-year turnaround schedule, with the next turnaround to take place in fall 2020. (Plant: 1009471)

Hatch Nuclear Station 01 Unit Returning to Full Capacity after Repairs
Unit 01 of Georgia Power Company's Edwin I Hatch Nuclear Power Station in Georgia is returning to full capacity following safety relieve valve leak detection, testing and repairs. The 876-megawatt (MW) unit is currently running at 60% capacity. Industrial Info is tracking $113 million in active projects at the 1,175-MW facility. (SERC) (Plant: 1012040)

WRB Completes Maintenance at Wood River Refinery
WRB Refining completed planned maintenance this past weekend at its 356,000 barrel-per-day (BBL/d) Wood River refinery located in Roxana, Illinois. Maintenance was performed on the 190,000 BBL/d Crude 1, 50,000 BBL/d ULSD (Diesel) Hydrotreater and 17,000 BBL/d Delayed Coker (Old). The 65,000 BBL/d Delayed Coker (New) has also been ramped up to normal production levels after operating at 50% during the maintenance turnaround. Industrial Info is tracking $255 million in planned plant project activity at the refinery, including a $200 million fluid catalytic cracking unit upgrade, which is expected to kick off in September this year. The refinery was originally built by Shell in 1917. (Plant ID: 1009742)

Marathon Petroleum Completes Maintenance at Texas City Refinery
Marathon Petroleum has completed planned maintenance at its 72,000-barrel-per-day (BBL/d) Texas City, Texas refinery. The maintenance work began in February. Maintenance was completed on the 55,000 BBL/d Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU), 10,000 BBL/d HF Alky, 50,000 BBL/d Crude Topper 5, 20,000 BBL/d Crude Topper 4 and 10,000 BBL/d Platformer. Industrial Info is tracking $338 million in active projects at the Texas City refinery, including a $130 million gasoline hydrotreater addition that is scheduled to be completed in September this year. Marathon Petroleum is planning $1.7 billion in capital expenditures this year. (Plant ID: 1000019)

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