The Petrochemical Industry in Asia and the Middle East is expected to see a slew of unit turnarounds in the near future, and IIR Energy's PetChem Live is keeping close tabs on all major developments.

Marketers, traders and anyone else who keeps tabs on the petrochemical industry will be happy to learn about PetChem Live, which offers planned and unplanned petrochemical maintenance turnarounds worldwide.

Our service offers comprehensive coverage of the global petrochemical business and its products, including ethylene, propylene, polyethylene, PDH, ethylene glycol, and propylene oxide, as well as other chemicals derived from petroleum and downstream derivatives, In the Asian and Middle Eastern region alone, PetChem Live is tracking the following developments:

  • North Asia CNPC Fushun Petrochemical is on-schedule to perform a 45-day planned turnaround at its 1.76 billion-pound-per-year ethylene unit at its petrochemical complex in Fushun, China, on June 1, 2017. The company expects to complete repairs and restart the unit by July 16.
  • GAIL India Limited has delayed the restart of its 881.8 million-pound-per-year ethylene unit at its Auraiya complex in India. Previously scheduled for May 15, restart is now expected for May 30, 2017. The unit went offline for planned maintenance on April 26.
  • PT Asahimas Chemical is continuing with maintenance on its 552 million-pound-per-year ethylene dichloride unit at its integrated complex in Cilegon, Indonesia. The planned turnaround began May 2, and the company expects to complete repairs and restart the unit by May 31, 2017.
  • Abadan Petrochemical Company remains on-schedule to perform a 15-day planned turnaround at its 60.3 M million-pound-per-year ethylene unit at its complex in Abadan, Iran, on June 16, 2017. The company expects to complete repairs and restart the unit by June 30.
  • SK Global Chemical Company Limited restarted its 440 million-pound-per-year Ethylene Unit 1 at its complex in Ulsan, South Korea, on April 15, 2017. The unit was shut down for a 31-day planned maintenance work on March 16.
  • Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Limited (Borouge) restarted its 1.32 billion-pound-per-year ethylene unit, located at the Ruwais Complex in Abu Dhabi, on April 13, 2017. The unit was shut down for planned maintenance on March 5.
  • Lotte Chemical Titan successfully restarted its 959 million-pound-per-year Cracker Unit 2 at the Pasir Gudang Petrochemical Complex in Malaysia on April 2, 2017. The planned turnaround began on February 6.

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