IIR BREAKERS: Trump Withdraws U.S. from Climate Accord

Trump Withdraws U.S. from Climate Accord

President Donald Trump is withdrawing the United States from the 2015 Paris Climate Accord. Proponents of the withdrawal say the agreement hurts U.S. jobs and businesses, and gives overseas competitors an unfair advantage. The climate accord was reached during former President Barack Obama’s administration. Trump said the accord was an “example of Washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages American workers.” Trump said the U.S. could begin negotiations to reenter the accord under terms more favorable to the U.S. He cited a study that said the terms of the climate agreement would cut 2.7 million American jobs by 2025, including 445,000 manufacturing jobs. By 2040, compliance with the accord could result in large cuts to iron and steel businesses, as well as coal mining and natural gas. At the same time, the agreement gives the “world’s leading polluters” like China permission to “do whatever it wants for 13 years.”

Entergy Extends Outage at Arkansas Nuclear One

Entergy has extended by two weeks the planned outage for its 997-megawatt Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit 02 due to valve and other mechanical ISSUES. The offline event, which began March 29, will continue until June 15. Planned work includes refueling and maintenance; balance-of-plant maintenance; cooling system inspection; steam generator and reactor head inspections; coolant pumps, fans, motors and piping systems maintenance; control rod adjustments; instrumentation and controls calibrations and testing; turbine generator inspection and testing; and lubricating oil systems. (SERC) (Plant: 1521401) (Outage: 260594)

Salem Nuclear Power Station Unit 02 Ramping Up After Refueling

Unit 02 of the Salem Nuclear Power Station in New Jersey is ramping up after a refueling. The 1,175-megawatt (MW) unit is currently at 47% capacity. Industrial Info is tracking a planned $15 million refueling outage for Unit 01, which is scheduled to start in October. (RFC MAAC) (Plant: 1018459) (Outage: 373849)

Tesoro to Begin 60-day Turnaround at Golden Eagle Refinery Next Week

Tesoro’s 167,000-barrel-per-day (BBL/d) Golden Eagle Refinery in Martinez, California, remains on schedule for 60 days of planned maintenance starting next week, June 6, 2017. Units involved include the 73,000-BBL/d fluid catalytic cracker unit (FCCU), 15,000-BBL/d SF Alky, 62,000-BBL/d Cat Feed hydrotreater and 23,000-BBL/d Reformer 3 CCR. Industrial Info is tracking 68 Tesoro projects worth $1.43 billion, including several planned turnarounds at the Golden Eagle Refinery. (Plant: 1011188)

Valero Continues Restart at Benicia Refinery After May 5 Power Outage

Valero continues the restart of several units at its 144,000-barrel-per-day (BBL/d) Benicia, California, refinery. The units were shut down after a power loss from an outside provider. The 77,000-BBL/d fluid catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) was restarted Wednesday. The 14,000-BBL/d fluid coker is also restarting. It was taken completely offline on May 14. The lone crude pipestill unit, which has been operating at reduced rates (estimated at 50%), is expected to resume normal operations in the next 24 to 48 hours. Valero operates 15 refineries. (Plant: 1013817)

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