Blue Lake Power LLC (Blue Lake, California) and PureEnergy LLC (Syracuse, New York), have initiated a restructuring agreement on a new contract to restart the idled Blue Lake Power plant in Humboldt County, northern California, near Blue Lake Rancheria Indian Tribal lands.

As recently as late last year, the biomass-fired power plant was cited for federal Clean Air Act violations, and it has ceased power generation. Citizens in the immediate area are calling on the City of Blue Lake to revoke the power plant's property lease unless steps are taken to address pollution issues that have impacted the area and the tribe for the past 30 years.

Blue Lake Power announced plans to restart the biomass facility by late July. It would generate about 12 megawatts of renewable energy. Blue Lake Power is securing short- and long-term agreements to secure the biomass feedstock required to run the plant.

It is estimated that the plant will require about 25 bulk highway-loaded chip vans of fuel per day, or about 625 tons per day of biomass chips. Under its operating permit, the plant may burn fuel consisting of untreated wood, including sawmill hog fuel, shavings, bark, branches, cull logs, tree tops, off-spec and waste lumber, skids, yard waste, walnut shells, woody agricultural waste, shredded lumber and woody materials from hazardous forest areas.

Renewable energy from the facility will be sold into the power grid in northern California.

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