Industrial Info Resources (IIR) (Sugar Land, Texas) is pleased to roll out new updates to its website to help its clients navigate changes in the industrial marketplace. Our new enhancements include IIR's Analytics Tab, our Disaster Impact Tracker, Project Probability metrics, enhancements to our Contact Search capability and a Project Timeline graphic.

Analytics Tab

Our new Projects Analytics tab gives PECWeb users key project information at the push of a button. Users can set up their PECWeb Dashboard to include information about the projects and industries that are most relevant to their needs. Users can analyze data on their PECWeb Dashboard for a variety of different criteria, including probability assessment, total plant spending, project timing, project slippage (the amount of time from the estimated start date to the new start date) and construction duration. You can view project demographics geospatially and see a summary of projects by industry. Users are able to access specific project reports by zooming into projects from the map feature.

Disaster Impact Tracker

As weather-related events seem to affect more industrial plants, Industrial Info has introduced the Disaster Impact Tracker, which allows users to see the plants that are impacted by a natural disaster, such as hurricanes or earthquakes, and those that could be impacted by future weather-related events. The tool uses numerous third-party organizations to obtain the most accurate information on natural disasters and how they affect plants within the "disaster zone." For more information on the Disaster Impact Tracker, see September 12, 2017, article - Industrial Info Introduces Disaster Impact Tracker.

Project Probability

Industrial Info's project reports now feature a project probability metric, which rates the likelihood of projects moving into the construction phase. Projects with less than 70% chance of moving into construction are rated as "low probability;" medium projects are rated with an 80% to 90% probability, while "high probability" projects are rated 90% or above for moving into construction.

Enhanced Contact Search Capability

Users can now quickly locate a particular contact in a plant or unit by being able to search for contacts using first name, last name or job title.

Project Timeline

Industrial Info's new Project Timeline graphic allows PECWeb users to better understand a project's milestone dates from planning to completion. For projects in progress, you can easily see where today's date fits among important milestones, including authorization for expenditures, requests for quotations, anticipated construction kickoff and completion, and more.

Industrial Info's PECWeb Platform provides detailed information on thousands of industrial plants, projects and assets throughout the world.

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