The global ethylene sector presents multiple opportunities for equipment and service providers and energy traders, and Industrial Info's Global Ethylene Platform can provide the key information on installed base, new capacity, ethylene production, and offline capacity.

Industrial Info's Global Ethylene Platform provides information on capital and maintenance projects. In the U.S., capacity is being added as companies rush to take advantage of inexpensive ethane feedstock from shale-gas plays, paving the way for both new-build construction and maintenance turnarounds. In Europe, naphtha-fed units generally require more frequent turnarounds than newer, world-scale units in other parts of the world. Industrial Info's Ethylene Platform provides details of project activity across the world.

Industrial Info's Plant and Unit Platform provides information such as owner and operator name, unit capacity, feedstock, physical and mailing addresses, phone numbers, plant operation details and functional management contacts. Our turnaround tracking tools give subscribers instant access to all planned and unplanned ethylene unit turnarounds, and through our Disaster Impact Tracker, Industrial Info can provide information on units that are offline due to natural disasters. New turnaround information, such as schedule updates and unit status, is delivered as it is discovered.

Also available is the Weekly Ethylene Outlook, in which Industrial Info's research teams summarize the outlook for each global region. These reports include editorial comments on planned, unplanned and ongoing maintenance events, capacity startups and closures, and much more.

For more information on how you can subscribe to this product, contact Industrial Info at (713) 783-5147.

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