*** Updated - ExxonMobil, yesterday, May 3, 2018 was forced to shut down the 110,000 b/d Crude PSLA 9 at its 500,000 b/d Baton Rouge, Louisiana refinery due to a fire on the unit. Current expectations are to complete repairs and restart the unit in mid-May. IIR continues to monitor for a definitive restart timeline. At this time no other units have been affected by this outage.

**** Updated - IIR has confirmed that Shell, on June 6, 2018, will begin 65 days of planned refinery maintenance on the 92,000 b/d FCCU, 40,000 b/d FCCU Gasoline Hydrotreater and 16,500 b/d SF Alky units at its 230,000 b/d Convent, Louisiana refinery. IIR had previously reported this event to last 30 days.

BP plc (NYSE:BP) (London, England) is on schedule to begin seven weeks of planned maintenance (previously reported to be only 30 days), starting April 6, on the lone crude, 90,000-barrel-per-day (BBL/d) vacuum unit and 55,000-BBL/d delayed coker unit at its 234,000-BBL/d Cherry Point, Washington, refinery. No other units will be worked on during this event. Industrial Info will continue to monitor this outage in case any other units are taken down due to a sympathy outage, or if rates are reduced.

Valero Energy Corporation (NYSE:VLO) (San Antonio, Texas) completed work on the 36,000-BBL/d mid distillation hydrotreater (MDHT) on March 28 at its 135,000-BBL/d Meraux refinery in Louisiana. The work began on February 19. Additionally, Valero will perform 45 days of planned work in early July on the 55,000-BBL/d hydrocracker, 32,000-BBL/d reformer CCR, 35,000-BBL/d reformer feed and SRU 3.

Elsewhere, Industrial Info has confirmed that Gazprom Neft (Saint Petersburg, Russia) has completed unplanned maintenance of the 41,600-BBL/d catalytic cracker (G-43-107) unit at its 243,000-BBL/d Moscow refinery in Russia. The unit was shut down on March 19 and was restarted on March 23. The 25,000-BBL/d gasoline hydrotreater (GO BKK), 6,000-BBL/d TAME and 4,000-BBL/d MTBE units also were restarted on March 23, after being in hot circulation mode since March 19.

Ceylon Petroleum (Sri Lanka) on March 28 restarted its 40,000-BBL/d (design capacity: 50,000 BBL/d) Colombo Refinery in Sri Lanka. The plant-wide turnaround began on February 19. Major units included the 40,000-BBL/d Crude Distillation Unit 1, 6,400-BBL/d Diesel Hydrotreater Unit 1, 2,400-BBL/d Diesel Hydrotreater 2, 12,000-BBL/d Visbreaker, 3,800-BBL/d Reformer 1, 6,450-BBL/d Naphtha Unifiner, 2,352-BBL/d Gasoil Unifiner 1 and 5,884-BBL/d Gasoil Unifiner 2.

Irving Oil (Saint John, Canada) will conduct seven weeks of a planned refinery turnaround at its 300,000-BBL/d Saint John, New Brunswick, refinery starting in September 2018. Units involved will include of its two 150,000-BBL/d crude units, the 74,000-BBL/d RFCCU, associated 8,000-BBL/d Alky 432, 45,000-BBL/d Diesel Hydrotreater 125 (formerly hydrocracker), 25,000-BBL/d Rheniformer 2 and associated units. At this time, only the RFCCU and Diesel Hydrotreater 125 are expected to be down for the duration on this event. The crude unit will be offline for two to three weeks and the Rheniformer 2 is expected to be offline for possibly a month.

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