Interphex 2018 was a great event for Industrial Info and many leaders in the pharmaceutical market. Industrial Info's own Annette Kreuger was asked to join the "Pharma Live" series in April. The team from Industrial Info Resources agreed that the buzz on the floor this year was one of industry growth and optimism.

Kreuger explained how foreign pharmaceutical companies are heading to the U.S., which has been a boon to many state and local economies.

“Not only are they buying all these plants, and spending $5 million to $10 million to retrofit them up to today’s standards, they are expanding,” Kreuger said, according to New Jersey's Return on Information.

“They are building new facilities, they are buying land. We didn’t see that coming, nobody really saw that coming.”

For more information, visit Industrial Info's Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry page and read Return on Information's analysis of Interphex 2018.

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