Data is the building block for analytics, and Industrial Info has access to more data than ever before. As our global coverage grows, Industrial Info’s data scientists and research experts are working to bring the most valuable insights with the help of visual analytics. With today's dynamic environment, business leaders must have qualified answers to make strategic decisions. Data presentations are evolving rapidly, and to meet this challenge, we have begun to deploy products using common business intelligence software such as Tableau.

This year, Industrial Info has incorporated the use of Tableau into our network environment so that we can create presentation dashboards for our clients that allow them to control and identify points of interest and dive deeper into finding actionable insights and data using Industrial Info’s market intelligence.

Industrial Info’s Tableau-based products give the user a new level of interactive custom analytics. The interface allows you to visualize the data and analytics, and lets you adjust the parameters to produce a multitude of scenarios to visualize, as well as merge your own internal data.

IIR provides off-the-shelf and custom-built dashboards in Tableau that grant users access to the analyzed data and to be in control of what is being shown, compared, or calculated. The product line is client-driven, with creative features that have been implemented in many products.

As an example, a client requested that its office locations also be layered on a map within custom market analysis, which allowed for easy identification of potential opportunities near the offices.

Another client requested the ability to explore wage fluctuations under various labor demand scenarios over time. Industrial Info developed a “What-If” dashboard that gave the user the option to visualize its data under different circumstances.

Industrial Info keeps an open line of communication and utilizes client feedback to improve the user experience for all tools. The goal of implementing Tableau dashboards is to give users the ability to explore situations specific to their unique industry, region or case scenario.

For more information on how Industrial Info’s analytics team can create a Tableau Dashboard for your specific needs, contact our member services department at 800-762-3361.

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