With the help of invaluable tools such as Industrial Info Resources' (IIR) database, newly rebranded North American Contractor Link, formally known as Great Lakes Business Development, has expanded its reach to the Carolinas.

North American Contractor Link provides cost-free solutions to end-users, matching their industrial maintenance and project needs with the most suitable, safe and qualified contractors by searching for clients with immediate needs and linking them with the best contractor solutions.

The North American Contractor Link team experienced steady growth and increased customer satisfaction over the past two years in the Great Lakes region through a systematic process of vetting contractors and providing customers with many choices to meet their needs.

"We started using IIR and set up basic searches about two years ago," said James Chopp, a customer solutions advisor for North American Contractor Link. "IIR representatives help us fine-tune project searches, so we feel comfortable using it to narrow down and focus our searches. We use it at least 75% of the time when looking for contacts."

IIR's Global Market Intelligence (GMI) Database Platform offers many different search criteria, enabling users to obtain high overviews or generate very specific results for industrial projects by industry, geography, standard industrial classification (SIC) codes and more. Key project decision-makers and their contact information are included. IIR is tracking more than $20 billion in project activity in the Carolinas.

Don Cotchen, IIR's vice president of sales for unions, governments and associations, said IIR's market intelligence helps to provide communications continuity for all three parties to a project: North American Contractor Link, the contractor and the client. He added, "It's a partnership; they all need a common understanding of the project requirements and market environment."

"We are thankful for North American Contractor Link's invaluable services," said Todd Alberts from Northern Stamping, one of the end-user customers. "It saves us tons of time and money searching for qualified contractors to meet our project needs."

"We are in the business of solving our customers' problems," said Tim Speno, a consultant for North American Contractor Link. "No matter how small or complex the needs, we have a proven track record connecting customers with high-performance contractors that deliver incredible solutions."

North American Contractor Link's team of professional customer solutions advisors have already started vetting contractors and developing lists to help end-users in the Carolinas.

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