In 2013, Industrial Info was tracking 60,000 active projects in its Global Project Database. Today, that number stands at more than 167,000 projects. Since 2013, Industrial Info has increased its international presence, opening new offices throughout the world and hiring staff that speak more than 59 languages. Industrial Info can boast of having 20 sales and research offices.

Among Industrial Info's most recent international office openings are those in Singapore and Melbourne, Australia, which opened in 2017.

In 2013, the value of Industrial Info's overall project coverage stood at $11 trillion. Today, that number is more than $14 trillion. The Power Industry, with more than $6 trillion via more than 54,000 active projects leads in terms of overall value, followed by the Metals & Minerals Industry at $1.88 trillion and Industrial Manufacturing at $1.72 trillion.

Among Industrial Info's biggest areas of growth is project coverage of Southeast Asia, which has increased more than 300%. Since 2013, Industrial Info also has ramped up coverage of the offshore Oil & Gas Production Industry, which include some of the largest projects being tracked.

Among the biggest changes made since 2013 is the reporting of unconfirmed projects, which began due to clients' requests. These are projects that have been reported or rumored that Industrial Info is still researching. When more details are unearthed about the project, these are either dismissed or completed with applicable project details. Today, Industrial Info is tracking more than 2,000 or these early-stage projects, with a total investment value of $525.8 billion. This allows users to know about projects at the earliest possible moment.

Industrial Info has every intention to keep growing, expanding its plant and project coverage footprint through all industries around the world. Stay with us to find out what's next!

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