All things must come to an end--even the best gas turbine rotors. So what do you do when your GE Gas Turbine rotor is reaching its designed end-of-life limit?

EthosEnergy has the answer, and you can hear all about in a Webinar on Tuesday, March 24, from 9 to 10 pm CDT. Kale Dreymala, the project manager for EthosEnergy's GT Rotor program, has 40 years of experience in the gas turbine industry and will offer his insights on how this daunting problem can be best addressed.

Gas turbines users face a long list of choices that have to be made when their rotors begin to wind down, from shop inspections to full replacements. This session will explore the design limits of GE Gas Turbine rotors, as outlined in GE TIL 1576.

Mr. Dreymala will outline critical factors to consider when deciding to replace or extend an end-of-life rotor, and provide details of EthosEnergy's Rotor End of Life Program. This will include the evolution of our manufacturing process, as well as our specific solutions to extend rotor lives.

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