IIR presents its annual North American Industrial Market Spending Outlook for 2021.

Coming out of a challenging year, we look to 2021 with a sense of optimism that the world will overcome a global pandemic and move toward a state of normalcy. For the industrial market, the impact of demand destruction across most commodity markets and end-consumer products in 2020 caused many companies to curtail and realign spending budgets that, for the most part, pushed large investments into the future. Today we stand with one of the largest potential spending pipelines for 2021 and 2022, resembling the era following the Great Recession, but heightened with mega projects awaiting the return of consumption demand and investor funding.

Join Industrial Info Resources (IIR) for our annual North America Market Outlook, featuring industry experts sharing their views and perspectives on the 2021 Industrial Plant Spending Outlook for the energy and industrial markets. This three-day online event will be held January 19th – 21st in 15 minute sessions, one hour per day. Simply RSVP once to gain access to all of the sessions.

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