As temperatures rose on Thursday across much of the Southern U.S., damage assessments were underway in hundreds of industrial plants, and electrical outages have begun to retreat.

More than 190 units in 20 petroleum refineries, totaling more than 4.485 million barrels of oil-processing capacity, have been forced offline this week as a result of extreme temperatures.

Thirty-six ethylene units were brought down in a matter of days, even faster than in the face of a hurricane, in many cases. Several plant operators attempted to continue running their units, but eventually had to take them offline rapidly, as steam loss made operations impossible. The speed in which the units were taken offline will lead to days, even weeks in some cases, of completing damage assessments before they can resume operating safely.

Significant progress has been made in restoring power to customers affected by weather events in Texas this week. Customers who remained without power were likely in areas that sustained ice-related damage to distribution systems. No additional load shedding was occurring as of Thursday, but more temporary outages could become necessary to keep the grid stable.

The state of Texas has placed restrictions on the export of natural gas produced in the state. This was having an impact in Mexico, where General Motors, Ford, Audi and other companies have either suspended or curtailed auto production in response to natural gas shortages.

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The potential plant impact is calculated using IIR's Disaster Impact Tracker. For more information on the Disaster Impact Tracker, click here.

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