Researched by Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)--According to Grupo Consultor de Mercados Agrícola (GMCA) through March of this year, meat exports in Mexico increased 11.4% compared to last year, reaching 146,810 tons and a market value of $709.9 million.

The bovine meat sector is the only meat sector that has experienced a reduction, about 5.7%, mostly due to the reduction in U.S. imports. Hog production increased its volume by 32.6%. The Chinese demand for pork products continues to rise, and 38.8% of all the hog product exports have been sent to China this year. Since the demand has increased and as a logical consequence of the law of supply and demand, the price also has risen by 25.7% in comparison to the same period as last year.

The poultry industry has experienced an increase of about 58.2% of in exports, together with a 56.1% increase of the price compared with the same period last year.

In Mexico, Industrial Info is tracking 168 projects worth $622 million in the meat and poultry sector. If you subscribe to Industrial Info's Food & Beverage database, click here for a list of projects.

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