Researched by Industrial Info Resources (Sugar Land, Texas)--GFG Alliance (London, England) burst onto the scene just a few years ago with a series of acquisitions of distressed steel and aluminum assets. It was hailed as a beacon of hope for these assets, many of which were bankrupt, closed or facing financial uncertainty. That is all in question now as GFG's mounting financial problems came to a head when main financing partner Greensill Capital (London) became insolvent earlier this year, putting a stop to an acquisition roller coaster and jeopardizing the future financing and operation of those assets--not to mention more than $3.3 billion in planned capital improvements, modernizations and maintenance proposed at these assets.

The acquisition spree by GFG Alliance, run by Sanjeev Gupta, has been unceasing. In about five years, the company has amassed more than 50 assets worldwide, including those formerly owned by British Steel in the U.K., some of ArcelorMittal's (NYSE:MT) (Luxembourg, Luxembourg) European steel assets, Rio Tinto's (NYSE:RIO) (London) Dunkerque aluminum smelter, Australia steel producer Arrium (Sydney, Australia), and U.S. steel wire and rod producer Keystone Consolidated Industries (Dallas, Texas), to name a few.


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Many of these assets are operating under the Liberty Steel moniker or one of the company's many subsidiaries.

With the collapse of Greensill Capital, GFG is searching for financing options and was rejected by the U.K. parliament in a request for a 170 million-pound (US$238 million) government bailout for former British Steel assets.

There was some promising news last week, when GFG Alliance stated it had agreed to terms to refinance its Australian assets, which include steel and mining assets at Whyalla works in South Australia. It appears that GFG's acquisition roller coaster may switch gears and start to sell off of some of the company's underperforming assets to appease creditors and remain solvent.

GFG Alliance's subsidiaries are planning about 90 projects, totaling more than $3.3 billion in value, according to Industrial Info's Global Market Intelligence (GMI) project database. Many of those projects have been delayed and are in jeopardy of being canceled if GFG cannot solve its financing problems in the long-term. Subscribers to Industrial Info's Global Market Intelligence (GMI) Metals & Minerals Project Database can click here to view the project reports.


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